Monday, July 27, 2009

Support for JPEG2000 in VLIV

I have added minimal support for JPEG2000 in VLIV using Jasper. Current support is not very well tested, but I have been able to load sample images. They come from The Library of Congress American Memory Maps, and take quite a while to load (at least one minute, for 5000x2700 pixel image).

The implementation takes the form a a very simple C plugin, source is available on request. It can certainly be improved much, for example I use jas_image_readcmptsample 3 times for every pixel.

Please advise if you have ideas for performance or feature improvements.

UPDATE: it is now much faster using jas_image_readcmpt on whole image width...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New version of IJG JPEG library

A new version has appeared on IJG web site. It looks like new version called 7 (dated 27-Jun-2009) has few changes from previous one (6b dated 27-Mar-1998 !). Mostly it says that scaled DCT are implemented, I have found that this version is not binary compatible with previous one wrt scaling. I will have to experiment a little more before using this version in Vliv.

One of the other libs I use is zlib, latest version 1.2.3, dated July 18, 2005.

LibPng has not been updated for a while, only libtiff seems to be work in progress.

I am still looking for a JPEG2000 C library that is as good and simple as these ones.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another impressive large image

Very large images do not have to be panoramas. This one is created by stitching hundreds of images coming from a Scanning Electron Microscope. You can find more information here.