Monday, March 26, 2007

Virtual Very Large Images

While very large image typically waste a large amount of Hard Disk space, there is a category of very large images that are Virtual, that is computed on the fly.

The most common type of this is Fractal images. At a given resolution (zoom level) and position, you can get the tile image by computation.

Other that come to my mind are :
  • Algorithmic images, such as an image that displays all possible 8 bits RGB colors.
  • An image that displays all characters from the Unicode table. Each character can be made to fit one tile and rendered on the fly as it is needed.
  • Rasterized images from vectorial description.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Virtual Microscope

I have found another source for Very Large Images (or relatively large), NASA's funded project The Virtual Microscope.

It provides a large set of images, obtained through various microscopy methods, such as SEM.
The application is written in Java, with a nice small set of features (and an ugly look). The project images are delivered as Jars (aka Zip files), with subresolutions in subfolders, and individual tiles as single files. I have no idea why they did not use pyramidal TIFFs.

I do not know the data license, so I will not post VLIV images created from theirs, but it is easy to convert the Jars to single TIFFs suitable for VLIV.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

VLIV released as freeware

The number of registered (paying) customers of VLIV is quite low (4 people in fact).
So I have decided to make it freeware, that is there is no need to register and the downloadable version is not limited in any way.

Registering is always possible and donations are encouraged if of course you like the program.