Friday, August 22, 2008

Massive mesh

In order to generate the 3d objects for my fractals, a large number of triangles have to be generated, so that very detailed areas are not badly rendered.
I can generate up to 2 Billion triangles, more than 50 Gigabytes of data.

In order to see the result, I have modified my small viewer so that drawing is done reading directly the triangles on disk. This takes about 1 hour on my machine, but virtually unlimited number of triangles can be displayed, even on a basic computer.

The following object has exactly 1 447 147 377 triangles.

Of course for interactive display the number of triangles is reduced to about 10 000 000.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fractal 3d Object Video

Here is a small video I made from one of my objects.
It is a real 3d object, not a ray-traced rendered animation.
My graphics card is a GeForce 7600GT (not very fast these days).
This card is capable to display about 5 000 000 tris/s lit, shaded.
As I have objects with up to 10 000 000 triangles for the most detailed objects, and about 3 000 000 for standard objects, framerate is not very high. I am thinking of upgrading to a more recent card, such as an ATI 4850.

I am using custom software to display the object.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quaternion Fractal Slices Video

I have uploaded to Youtube a video that shows slices from one of my quaternion fractal 3d object.

It is created by the same code that is used to create the 3d object.